Callis Share Server

Callis Share Server

Callis Share Server is a self-hosted bulk data server with high transfer speed over Wide Area Networks.

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AWS Bulk Data Server

AWS Share Server

Callis Share Server can run on premise and on AWS EC2 nodes. It has support for the most popular cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3 and EBS.

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High Speed

Traditional transfer protocols like FTP, HTTP suffer over Long Fat Networks. Callis network transfers can be faster by orders of magnitude than traditional solutions.

Security Updates

Security is a continuous service. We monitor the security aspects of our softwares and provide the latest updates.

Feature Updates

We are working on new great features constantly which we make available to all users under subscription.

Fanatic Support

We are more than happy to assist you. Just contact us and we will solve your problem in a timely fashion.

Elephant Networks

Networks with a large bandwidth-delay product is commonly known as a Long Fat Network. It is shortened to LFN and often pronounced as “elephant”. Traditional TCP protocols like HTTP and FTP can not utilize well the bandwidth of these networks. You need more sophisticated protocols to transfer data to distant destinations at high speed. Callis transfer technology takes the challenge to fully utilize the available bandwidth.

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